the band photographs on the following pages were all taken by xpyda , they are free to copy for non-profit use though a name check is *always* appreciated =0)

the crowd shots were taken by whoever had the camera at the time.

there are high resolution ( 1280x960 ) versions available of all these photo's and more. sorry some of the bands photos are a bit thin on the ground , time did not allow. there are about 220 on the website and i have another 200 or so on my hard-drive. please contact me for details. .

thanks to.....

location audio for their excellent work with the p.a. and the loan of the radio mike.

notts county council and kev thorpe for funding and loan of the drum kit.

carling for sponsorship and shirts.

the d.j.'s from the weekend ... toxic sound lab , the minister of sinister , the dark knight , dj nikee , dj earthpipe , kara maskara , dave 'n' si , and phil and dale.

thanks to the staff for all their hard work in our first year of business.

a special thanks to all the bands who played over the weekend many who worked for expenses or beer.

and finally a monster thanks to all our customers old and new who made it our best weekend so far.

here's to the broken wheel festival 2004.

the photographs......